Month/Day Activity Requirement Tiffin Menu
1st Day 6
Welcome party Casual dress Anything favourite
2nd Day 6 Earth Day (Green Day)
(Green club)
Blue/green casuals
Disposable glass filled with soil & name tag
Green tiffin
3rd Day 6 Paper collage
(Designer’s club)
----- Poori aloo & salad
1st Day 6
Ice-cream party & Mother’s Day celebration
(Catering & designer’s club)
------ Pea pulav & curd
2nd Day 6 Shape walk on swings & celebrating International Family Day ----- Triangle parantha with mix veg
1st Day 6
(Sports club)
Swimming costume
1 pair of undergarments, towel, plastic bag with name tag
Mix pakorey with green chatni
2nd Day 6 Paper folding & sizing the things up
(Designer’s club)
------- French fries & musk melon
3rd Day 6 Photo frame construction
(Designer’s club)
Ice cream sticks & decorative material Chole bhaturey with onion ring salad
1st Day 6
Sorting Beans
(Designer’s club)
5 different beans in separate small ziplock bags Stuffed parantha & moong sprouts
2nd day 6 Fancy dress competition
(Stage performance club)
Freedom fighter costume & learn a dialogue as per costume Fried idli & juice
3rd Day 6 Number punch (Maths drill)
( Maths Club)
  Cutlet/ Dhokla with fruit chat
4th Day 6 Field race (50 m race)
celebrating Indian Play Day
(Sports club)
------- Pav Bhaji
1st Day 6
Hindi rhymes competition
(Literary club)
------- Veg tikki with chatni & apple
2nd Day 6 Colouring competition
(Designer’s club)
-------- Colourful rice (salty) and sweet dish
3rd Day 6 Where’s the Mom!
Match the animals with their young ones
(Literary club)
-------- Moong dal cheela with chatni
4th Day 6 Assembling picture
(Designer’s club)
-------- Poha and sooji ka halwa
1st Day 6
Sand art (Hindi alphabet & words)
(Literary club)
--------- Green parantha with curd
2nd Day 6 Recognition & Recitation of rhymes
(Literary club)
------- Smilly parantha with curd
3rd Day 6 Jumping bean phonics
(Literary club)
------ Veg noodles & sweet dish
4th Day 6 Skit performance on Diwali
(Stage performance club)
------- Stuffed dosa
1st Day 6
Teaching various fonts
(Literary club)
------- Veg Biryani
2nd Day 6 Celebrating Children’s Day
(Literary club)
------- Upma & Gajar ka halwa
3rd Day 6 G.K. competition
(Science club)
------- Star shape parantha with mushroom vegetable
4th Day 6 Play Dough
(Designer’s Club)
Refined flour & a bowl Black gram chaat and papaya
1st Day 6
How do we travel (land, air & water)
(Literary club)
------- Heart shape parantha and kheer
2nd Day 6 Story telling competition
(Literary club)
------- Rajma chawal and salad
3rd Day 6 Christmas party
(Santa costume/Santa cap/bells/ball)
(Stage performance club)
Santa costume / Santa cap/ bells/balloons Sandwich and cake/pastry
1st Day 6
Yellow Day
(Catering club)
Yellow casuals Yellow rice (sweet )
2nd Day 6 My bookmark: My name
(Designer club)
Decorative paper to prepare book mark, ribbon Favourite lunch
I to V